This wiki is about Infolit iSchool, the Second Life island owned by Sheffield University. The SLURL of the island is



Sakura House by balloon


This wiki has information about past events (including links to chatlogs etc.), a calendar of future events and some material about the island (videos, links to presentations etc) and some reflections on activities that have taken place on the island.



Infolit iSchool is used for learning, teaching, networking and continuing professional development. The chief activities are

1) activities for students in the Information School and the School of Education, University of Sheffield, and

2) for any Second Life residents interested in information literacy and/or education, since a major activity has been a programme of discussions and presentations (see Past Events page)


Currently ....

Look at the Calendar page for upcoming events  Calendar of events


Brief history

Infolit iSchool was created in October 2007. It was funded for its initial year by the Centre for Inquiry Based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences, through a grant given to Sheila Webber, in real life a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield. She is Sheila Yoshikawa in Second Life, currently owner of Infolit iSchool. From 2008/9 Infolit iSchool was jointly funded by the Department of Information Studies and the School of Education.