IL Swine flu - initial ideas

On June 4th there was an initial meeting about the Swine Flu example Information Literacy build (home page Information Literacy builds - Swine flu)


7 Pillars swine flu initial build

This is the text of the notecard that I prepared for the meeting:


"I envisage developing a build here which includes lots of options and examples – including a number of briefing notecards for different scenarios and suggestions for activities. The idea is that it will be copiable and modifiable

People could customise the build in different ways e.g.


1) Remove everything except one example which is followed through for each pillar (like the bird flu example) People could use it as a focus for discussion about the problem/scenario, with small exercises integrated in


2) Remove most everything, and develop it one Pillar at a time, as the learners research different aspects of the problem, working up to a full build

The idea with these2 is that all you would need to know is how to delete things and position things from your inventory, you wouldn’t need other building skills


3) The above options, but adding material from your own ideas, or (even better, if they have the skills) having the learners develop it, so the whole final build represents their response to the problem


4) Keeping the material that is on it, and getting people to work out which part in one pillar matches with material in other pillars. For example, if the problem is “Do I have swine flu?” what are the relevant material, questions, models, mindmaps etc. in Pillars 2-7 and why? What would be irrelevant and why?


5) Starting from scratch and formulating your own problem or scenario – but it could well be that with this new problem you still might be able to reuse material from other pillars.


Example problems/questions/scenarios

- Do I have swine flu?

- You have to advise a friend who has a takeaway shop whether she should take extra precautions because of swine flu. What is your advice?

- I was planning to go to  …. Should I rethink my holiday plans? If not, what should I so as precautions?


Sheila Yoshikawa

4 June 2009